Who are the directors of Hotbeds?

The Battle of the Hotbeds was started by Bob Shillinglaw from the University of Delaware, and Andy Shay from Yale University.

How do I nominate my players for the Hotbeds All-Star Game?

We will request prior to camp All Star recommendations from each player's club or high school coach for our All Selection Committee of college coaches of who to watch during the first day of the tournament. Hotbeds employs 12 Division I, II, and III college coaches to evaluate the entire camp over the course of the first days. The teams are picked after multiple evaluation submissions, committee meetings, and discussions along with recommendations from each club and/or high school coach.

Can we bring a filmer with our team?

Unfortunately no. We have an exclusive contract is with Next Level Video. Next Level videotapes all of the games and contracts are available at a reduced rate BEFORE the camp, AND after the camp at a full rate.

What college coaches will be in attendance?

We dont typically post an expected college coach list as we know a coach's plans may change at a moments notice. We typically get about 75-125 college coaches representing Division I, II, and III programs. We also get a number of MCLA schools as well as some prep schools that are looking to recruit PG candidates.

Each attending coach gets paperwork as well as a digital file. All the updates are put in the final file.

Is this a camp or a tournament?

This is a tournament that is in a per player camp model. This year teams will wear their club or high school uniforms with their individual numbers. We will request from each program numbers for their players to correspond with the rosters provided to college coaches.

How does my son make the All-Star team?

He needs to play well for our All-Star staff. Our staff of twelve college coaches watches every single game until the final voting and will select the team for Monday evening. Our staff uses an application on their phones to submit votes, and each vote is tabulated. The All-Stars are selected by college coaches who are professionals at evaluating talent. Our All-Star staff is loaded with coaches from Division I, II, and III programs. We will receive initial recommendations from each club/high school coach for players to watch when the tournament starts to help assist the All Star Committee's selection.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given only for injuries and with a physician's documentation. No refunds will be give after July 06 even with a physician's documentation. After July 06 we will have financially committed to you coming to the camp and will be charged for your spot! There will be a $50 charge due to website and bank services charges.