How do I register for the Battle of the Hotbeds?

2014 Hot Beds Fees:

Day Camper: $380

Overnight/Dorm Camper: $550


You can register as a member of a team listed on the registration site that you play with.


If you are already on a team that is confirmed on the application, just click on the register

now link on the side, and fill out the online application. Your team will appear on the application.


PLEASE be accurate when it comes to your position. If you are a long stick midfielder, you should

register as a defenseman. If you fail to fill out your application accurately, it could affect your chances

of being recruited. The information you enter will be given to the coaches that attend, so it is important

that you are accurate.


To Find your Team..... Go to Registration Information.... Then to ..Register Now...This will take you to the

list of Teams. Go to the bottom of that page and click on View All Programs to see the complete listing of

teams participating in the 2014 Battle of the Hotbeds. Click on your team and begin the registration process.  

THE REGISTRATION PROCESS MAY TAKE 24-72 HOURS TO PROCESS.  A CONFIRMATION  EMAIL WILL BE  IN 2-3 DAYS.                                                                                                                                     


*The Registraton program takes ONLY Visa and Mastercard.    

***The Registration program does not take American Express or Discover.




Refunds will be given only for injuries and with a physician's documentation.  


No refunds will be given after July 11 for any reason including injuries.  After July 11 we will have financially

committed to you coming to the camp and will be charged for your spot!


When you register you will acknowledge your understanding of the refund policies in order to complete

the registration process.


My team is interested in coming. How do we enter?



Bob Shillinglaw 410-920-0637 or

Andy Shay 203-432-1494 or

2014  Parent - Camper  Medical and Liability Waiver

This Parent - Camper Waiver must be mailed or emailed prior to the start of camp.


Please include a clearance note from a physician or a copy of a recent physical.

2014 Hotbeds Recommended Hotels